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Luxury Hotel Chain – Water Booster Pump Replacement

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Luxury Hotel Chain has issue with domestic water boosters
The Facilities Manager at a large luxury hotel chain was having issues with their domestic water booster pump system. The system was original to the hotel and in need of an upgrade due to poor performance and outdated technology. This domestic water booster pump system was original equipment for the hotel when it was built in 1983. This is a 9 floor, 400 plus room hotel and the domestic water booster pumps are the key component for providing the proper water pressure for the guest showers and bathrooms as well as satisfying the in-house restaurant water needs.

The Facilities Manager. reached out to Phil Murray, an After Market sales representative at Gustavo Preston, to determine the best resolution for his domestic water booster pump system issue. Since the system hadn’t been upgraded since the hotel was built, Phil suggested replacing the entire system with a new package skid mounted domestic water booster system with Variable Frequency Drives.  The original domestic water booster pump system had pressure regulating valves, again older technology, which were not operating as required. The system was replaced with a Wilo Duplex VFD pump system.

Savings and Benefits of Upgraded System
The replacement of this pump system reduced energy costs due to the VFD’s being added and reduced the maintenance costs as well, since no pressure regulating valves were needed anymore and typically on older systems, the cost of maintenance is tied heavily to the upkeep of these PRV’s. In addition, the variable frequency drives, unlike the pressure regulating valves, can vary the speed of the motor to regulate the water pressure. which is where the energy savings are realized.

This luxury hotel chain was very happy with the work done by Gustavo Preston’s service technicians as there wasn’t any disruption to their guests in the installation of the new water booster system and the system has been running well now for months since the installation. 

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