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Northeastern University Pump System Upgrade

Before Upgrade

After Upgrade

Gustavo Preston Company, New England’s leader in the design of domestic water booster pump systems completed another significant project. The GPC team re-engineered an older high head high flow pump system for Northeastern University. The GPC team oversaw the new design, construction, and installation of this new pump system. That also included deploying a temporary pump system, so the owners and occupants did not lose domestic water during the construction.

The benefit of choosing Gustavo Preston is not only the experience of pump system design, but also includes working with our local trades people to provide turnkey solutions. The old vertical turbine pump set has been in service since 2007. Over the years maintenance and service costs began to increase. The University took a proactive approach to upgrade this piece of equipment. After a careful design review Northeastern University selected a new booster pump that uses WILO vertical multistage pumps. The new systems are now part of Gustavo Preston Company’s offerings that are provided by WEIL pump. The product line from WEIL pump expands Gustavo Preston Company’s portfolio. The package systems are flexible and can be designed with a single pump or up to four pumps. This design flexibility allows Gustavo Preston Company the ability to customize each system to specific building needs.

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