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Working closely with the customer and our Principal factories to solve problems, engineer solutions and design for new ideas is the keystone of our sales approach.

This value-added sales approach is how Gustavo Preston Company has prospered for over 135 years.

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Gustavo Preston Company’s sales strategy is heavily focused on working with consulting and design engineers to get our products into project equipment specifications.  Once equipment orders are awarded a combined effort of sales and project administrators work with contractors and owners to manage the order through the engineering approval, production and start-up phase.

Gustavo Preston Company’s sales force currently, as in the past, relies on individuals who excel or prefer using their engineering degree for technical sales. Packaged boosters are designed by salespeople based on field information provided by consulting engineers.

Gustavo Preston Company has represented Syncroflo for 50 years. Due to the extensive knowledge, experience and relationships we possess, our sales engineers write the greatest percentage of the packaged pump specifications in the commercial markets and capture better than 80% of the packaged water booster systems quoted for these markets within the greater Boston area and parts of New England.


Packaged Pumping Systems

Continuous pressure is not just a convenience, it’s a safety requirement. The problem with most pump system designs installed today is the lack of customization available from the manufacturer for the project. Our internal application engineers select the right pump for your pressure, flow, and business needs. We analyze every aspect of the design so there is no long term problem. We tailor each project for the customer.

Pressure Regulating & Control Valves

The water moving through your pumps contains suspended solids and corrosive chemicals that attack the inside of your PRVs and other controls. These contaminants plug the small ports necessary for proper operation and corrode vital parts of your pump system. As a result, the performance of your system will be diminished and major failures can occur.



Water Heaters

Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of water heaters used in a variety of applications including the Commercial, Industrial, FoodService, Offshore/Marine and Residential markets. With a wide range of water heaters to choose from, immediate and direct access to factory sales engineers for technical assistance, and a highly skilled workforce, you can be confident knowing that a Hubbell water heater is the right choice for your project.


It's Gustavo Preston Company's goal to sell products from manufacturers that are industry recognized focused on high quality and competitive pricing. Such manufacturers open doors and lead the way for new complimentary products.


  • Syncroflo - Potable/Domestic Water Pump Packages; Building Trades Boosters; Industrial Pump Systems; Rainwater Harvesting
  • Peerless - UL/FM Fire Pump Systems and Packages; Centrifugal Split Case; End Suction; Vertical Turbine; In-Line
  • Weil - Wastewater Sewage & Ejector Pumps - Wet/Dry; Sump Pumps; Submersible Pumps
  • Stancor - Elevator Pit Pump Systems; Traction Minder Pumps, Oil Minder Pumps, Controls, Parts and Accessories; Wastewater and Drainage Pumps


Water Heaters

  • Hubbell - Water Heaters and Storage Tanks


Water Reuse Systems

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Storage Containers; Water Treatment; Distribution Pumps & Pressure Tanks; Collection Tanks; Rainwater Pre-filtration

Water Purification & Filtration

  • Triple Clear - Cooling Tower Systems, Hot Water Systems, Domestic Water Delivery Systems. Pre-packaged water treatment systems from 20 GPM to 1200 GPM. Bottled-water-quality taste, odor and levels from every tap; Requires no chemicals
  • VAF - Automatic, self-cleaning water filters and strainers. Accredited with NSF-61 Certification for drinking water.


  • Cla-Val - Control Valves; Direct Acting, Pilot Operated