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Boston College - 2150 Commonwealth Ave. Residence Hall, Boston MA

Project Description:

The new residence hall will house 490 students, in a mixture of 4-bed and 6-bed apartments. The program for this building also includes two adult apartments, public spaces (including study lounges, a main commons, seminar rooms, floor lounges, laundries, et. al.) and a new home for the University Health Services Department.

Engineer:   EYP
GC: Skanska

SyncroFlo Domestic Water Booster:

  • Design Flow Rate: 350 GPM @ 127' TDH
  • Model Number:  55TH104VFD
  • Number of pumps:  3
  • Assembly: Complete Pre-fabricated system with Remote 130 Hydro Tank and separately mounted control panel.

Peerless Fire Pump:

  • Design Flow Rate:  1000 GPM @ 110 PSI
  • Model Number:  6AEF16G
  • Assembly: Electric horizontal split case pump with motor on common base with separately mounted jockey pump and controllers

Weil Wastewater Grinder Pump:

  • Design Flow Rate:  500 GPM @ 30' TDH
  • Model Number:  2536
  • Number of pumps:  2
  • Assembly: Submersible grinder pumps with float switches suspended from basin cover and separately mounted control panel

Stancor Elevator Pump:

  • Model Number:  SE-50 Oil Minder
  • Number of pumps:  1