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Tech Talk

Thermal relief valves, also known as pump protectors, are used to alleviate heat in the pump casing to protect the mechanical seal or packing used in the pump.

A self cleaning filter is designed to clean the filtration element when clogging occurs.

Motor Service Factor — Service factor (SF) is an indication of how much overload a motor can withstand when operating normally within the correct voltage tolerances.

Hydrocumulator tanks also known as “expansion tanks” are not required for proper operation of a booster system, so why would it be desirable to use one

 The word adsorption is defined by Merriam-Webster® as the adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (as of gasses, solutes, or liquids) to surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact.

Pumps used in booster systems may operate at constant speed to provide flow and pressure.

Older “constant speed” booster systems were offered using pressure regulating valves (PRV) to provide a specific flow at a specific pressure.

Roy B Hunter issued “Methods of Estimating Loads in Plumbing Systems” developed for the National Bureau of Standards on December 16, 1940.

The depth of an excavated hole required to install a fiberglass basin is determined by depth of the basin.

Submersible sewage or sump pumps are mounted inside a basin to remove liquid once it reaches a designated level in the basin.