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Triple Clear Water Solutions – Protecting customers, buildings and profits

Smarter, safer, cost effective

The brand standard for a reason

Meet our Force Field Technology, the brand standard for the finest hotels in the world, delivering an environmentally friendly advanced water filtration system that provides clean and sanitary water while saving you money over time. Our system delivers:


Guest Safety

Here’s what Force Field removes from your water:

  • Harmful bacteria and viruses – Legionella, E.coli, Parasites
  • Dangerous heavy metals – Lead, Iron, Copper, Arsenic
  • Trace pharmaceuticals and endotoxins

Equipment Longevity

Our filtration system protects your equipment from harmful effects of:

  • Particulate Grit
  • Biofilm dispersion
  • Metal corrosion

Efficient Purification

Your water will be purified without:

  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Harmful pressure drops
  • Wasting water

Protect your building.

Protect your guests.

Protect your profits.

Ensure your water supply is up to par while saving money

  • Satisfy your guests with clean, clear drinking water

  • Avoid frequent maintenance by reducing scale and grit

  • Reduce biohazard liability and guest safety risks

  • Employ environmental friendliness by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduce costs with a more efficient, long-lasting filtration system

  • Prevent contaminated water from entering your building


For more information about Triple Clear Water Solutions with Force Field Technology, call Gustavo Preston at 978-250-3333.