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Tech Talk – Floor and Removal System Mounting

What is a Quick Removal Mount?

Submersible sewage or sump pumps are mounted inside a basin to remove liquid once it reaches a designated level in the basin. Submersible pumps can be either floor mounted or quick removal system mounted.

Floor mounting (Figure 2) positions the pump on the floor of the basin and requires discharge piping be mounted to the pump discharge directly. Typically floor mounted submersible pumps will be designed with legs which extend from the bottom of the casing to provide clearance. The clearance allows fluids and solids within the fluid to pass into the suction of the pump. Floor mounted pumps can be used with smaller cross section pits due to their lower profile. However when service is required, floor mounted pumps will require evacuation of the pit and confined space service which is time consuming and expensive. Floor mounting is often used in smaller more shallow pits.

Quick removal mounting (Figure 1) provides a piping elbow and flange which hooks onto the elbow to allow the weight of the pump to seal the pump discharge to the elbow. Quick removal systems generally will require a larger pit to accommodate the floor elbow. However the pumps can be removed for service with entering the pit. Quick removal mounting is used in larger deeper pits for ease of servicing.

Figure 1 – Quick Removal Mounted Submersible Pump

Does Mounting Affect the Cover?

Submersible sewage ejectors mounted in pits can be mounted on the floor or on a quick removal system. Mounting type will determine the cover design used.

Floor mounted pumps are used below covers designed with individual openings to allow each pump to be removed once piping is decoupled. The individual openings are prevented from venting pungent waste gases by “pump opening covers” or POC’s designed to seal around the discharge pipe with a flange. This prevents odor during operation.

Quick removal mounted pumps are used below covers designed to support quick removal rails mounted to the cover, or the side walls or a bracket system. The quick removal mounting flange slides between two quick removal rails to stabilize the pump during installation and removal. The access to the pumps is provided by an access door which must be sealed gastight to avoid odor during operation.

Figure 2 – Floor Mounted Submersible Pump