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Zone Valve Maintenance

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Cla-Val Zone Valve Maintenance

Cla-Val Zone Valve Service Recommendations

  • Annually (or sooner if conditions warrant – ie raw water intake)
  • Visual inspection for leaks, etc.
  • Clear Y-strainer if present, plus X43H H Strainer if present
  • Adjust pilot control slightly, up/down and watch for pressure and/or flow changes.
  • Bleed air from site glass and/or high points of cover and fittings.
  • Operate pilot system speed controls (full in/full out), other components

Adjust for varying water conditions and applications/critical operations

Every 3 to 5 Years

  • In addition to annual service, remove valve cover and inspect diaphragm, disc, assembly (freedom of movement) Good idea to have a Repair kit available (main valve & pilot controls if needed) for change outs.
  • Clean interior.

Beyond 3 to 5 Years

  • Inspect and test as above and replace rubber repair parts including diaphragm, disc, and associated parts. Diaphragm Assembly kits (includes stem, diaphragm washer, disc retainer, etc) should also be considered in place of Rubber repair kits if wear or damage is observed.