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Wastewater Ejector & Valve Replacement at Boston Residential Complex

Gustavo Preston Company recently received a request for service from a customer who has an active preventative maintenance program with Gustavo Preston to maintain their fluid handling equipment. One of the wastewater ejectors had been displaying end of life issues during previous maintenance visits. Our service technician provided the customer with a quote for a new ejector, valves, panel and piping knowing that the system wouldn’t last much longer. During the service call, the customer expressed concern about one of the wastewater ejectors that was making grinding noises. Upon inspection, the service technician noted that one pump was running and the other pump was rotating in reverse.

It appeared that the check valve for the noisy pump failed which was allowing the other running pump to pump water back into the wet well through the failed check valve. Both ejector pumps had significant shaft runout which happens over time with constant use and caused bearing wear and excessive vibration. It was at this point that the customer decided that the ejector system had to be totally replaced. Gustavo Preston service technicians replaced the ejectors with a Weil Duplex Suspended ejector system and the check valves with Flomatic non-slam flanged check valves.

Preventative maintenance programs can be very helpful to facility managers by not only maintaining equipment for a longer more efficient life but determining end of life for better budget planning.



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