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Preventative Maintenance Programs

Did you know?

Companies can save between 12 – 18% by using preventative maintenance over reactive maintenance, and each dollar spent on preventative maintenance saves an average of $5 in the future.

We offer a variety of different preventative maintenance programs that includes a comprehensive diagnostic check list to keep your system running efficiently.

Our comprehensive maintenance service includes sediment removal and system adjustments, flow tests, thorough inspection to identify potential problems, and detailed reports to document service.

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Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Booster Pumps

Record pump discharge and shutoff system pressure Inspect mechanical seal for leakage
Hour meter reading Clean strainers, PRV’s and CRD’s
Make sure gauges and switches are sensing pressure and the line is not obstructed Inspect and clean check valves
Clean external motor surfaces Test alarms and panel indicator lights
Clean debris from ventilation fan Check system sequencing and flow sensing device
Lubricate according to frequency of service Check hydrocummulator operation, inspect and clean tank prv

We offer pickup and delivery of pumps and related equipment for shop repairs with factory authorized parts readily available at our warehouse for prompt turnaround.

We also offer a small supply of temporary pumps to keep your systems online.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a form of predictive maintenance that focuses on tests and inspections that detect deteriorating conditions.

GPC Sentinel Remote Monitoring

Predictive maintenance is highly cost effective. According to the US Department of Energy, predictive maintenance saves up to 40% over reactive maintenance.

Learn more about our new GPC Sentinel Remote Monitoring product that can save you money on downtime by monitoring pressure, temperature, or current flow.

Need Help?

Need laser alignment, valve cleaning, or other maintenance services? Our expert technicians have experience with a wide variety of domestic water booster systems and equipment to prevent pump failure and other problems before they happen. Our service vehicles are fully stocked for immediate on-site repair of common issues. We also provide timely pickup and delivery for shop repairs with factory-authorized parts readily available at our warehouse.

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