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New Fire Pump, Jockey Pump and Controller for Office Building

A local property management company contacted Gustavo Preston Company because their fire pump  was having flow issues and not meeting the NFPA regulations for flow tests.  Due to its age, the recommendation was to replace the antiquated fire pump with the same brand so as not to incur additional piping reconfiguration costs.
Old Fire Pump  Controller
In addition, the main fire pump controller was not functioning properly, and replacement parts were no longer available in order to repair it. The jockey pump and jockey pump controller were original to the  38 year-old building and therefore it was decided to replace these two pieces of equipment as well. Due to newer NFPA code regulations, to install the new fire pump main controller it would have to be moved to a new location further from the fire pump piping. To accomplish this, a double door in the room had to be moved to allow more wall space for the new main fire pump controller.
New Fire Pump
The job was perfectly organized with the electrical and sprinkler contractors in order to accomplish this project in a fairly tight space and timeframe. The fire pump was only offline for 18 hours before the new main pump system was fully functional.  The office building now has a new fully functional fire system with all new major main components, a new main fire pump, new jockey pump, and new controllers for both systems.

New Fire Pump and Controller

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