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Motor Repair Services

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Our motor repair service begins with a complete detailed inspection and testing on all equipment.  A motor repair service consists of disassembly and cleaning of the motor, assessing for damage and repair or replacement of parts.  Then the motor is reassembled and depending upon  the motor’s construction and condition, rewinding of the motor may be necessary. Our technician records these steps on film so we can discuss the repair with you and show the damage or repairs that need to be done.

Quality Replacement Parts

Delta Electric Motor uses class H winding materials and inverter rated magnet wire  when repairing motors. Why? To ensure a long lasting reliable repair.

 In addition, when bearings are needed only the highest standard of quality bearings are used to ensure a proper fix and improve the overall performance of your equipment.

Motor Replacement

If after an evaluation of the motor it is decided that the motor is at end of life, Delta Electric Motors has the buying power and experience to find the right motor for replacement.

Types of motors we repair

1 & 3 Phase Motors AD/DC Motors Brake Motors
Brush Shifting DC Servo Fractional to 500 HP motors
Gear Motors NEMA and Metric Frame motors Spindle
Stainless Steele Wash Down  

Rewinding Services

Armatures Brakes Field
Forms & Randow Wound Inverter Duty Wire Phase Paper & Separators
Rotors Stators  


Delta uses Inverter Duty™ wire when rewinding a motor which has a higher resistance to voltage spikes produced by all VFDs.

Machine Shop Services

Blower Wheel Repairs Dynamic Balancing Fabrication
Machining Plating and finishing Sandblasting
 Shaft Repairs Spray Welding Welding

Air Moving Equipment


Vacuum/Pressure/Comb Fan
  • Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Condenser
    • Dry Running
  • Supply
    •  Oil Lubricated
    • Compressors
  • Heat
  • Radical Pumps
Blower Wheels
  • Ring Blower
Exhaust Fans
  • Regenerative Blower

HVAC Equipment

Condenser Fan Motors Evaporative Cooler Motors
Pedestal Fan Motors Cooling Towers
Chillers OEM Fan & Blower Motor Replacement
Hot & Cold Water Circulating  

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