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Experienced Sales Technicians

Delta Electric Motor is a distributor for WINCO generators, Weil and Stancor pumps and an authorized distributor for Leeson, Marathon and Century motors.

Generators, Pumps & Motors - Let us help you.

Delta sells any motor –  standard and metric frame.

 Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect motor for your application.

We also stock a large selection NTN Bearings and motor start and run capacitors, US Pump seals, and Timken V seals.

WINCO Generators

Delta can assist you in new sales on Winco Generators.

Winco has been setting the industry standard for building quality, dependable generators and manufactures the broadest line of generators among any manufacture in the industry. Winco has been and will continue to supply top of the line generators.

Automatic Standby Systems
Industrial Standby
Commercial Portable
HPS Tri Fuel Portable Generator

Rotary Phase Converters

Delta is a distributor for Kay Industries Inc. and their PHASEMASTER® product line.


   Our experienced technicians can provide guidance on important application issues like:

Sizing your service
Setting up the proper controls
Establishing wire sizing
Working with electricians, installers and equipment specialists
Operating multiple loads


Republic Regenerative Blowers

Republic Regenerative Blowers are compact, low-noise, and maintenance free solutions for medium pressure and vacuum applications. Available as bare blowers or turnkey kits for pressure or vacuum; the guess work for piping, gauges, and filters is removed and tested at the factory to ensure optimal operation. Republic recently redesigned the regenerative blower bearing arrangement and bearing grease allowing the blowers to operate at a lower temperature, resulting in longer-lasting blowers and a better return on investment.

General Specifications:

Air Flow: From 50 cfm up to 776 cfm
Pressure Capacity: From 47″ H2O to 337″ H2O
Vacuum Capacity: From 40″ H2O up to 281″ H2O
Motor Grade: IP 44, 54, 55, B/F Class
Explosion-Proof Motor Grade: IP 64,65
IE3, UL (US and Canada)

Republic Dry-Running Rotary Pumps

Republic Dry-Running Rotary Pumps are available for vacuum, pressure, or combination. They are dry-cooled for continuous operation and are perfect for any oil-less application.

General Specifications:
Air Flow: From 5 cfm up to 177 cfm
Vacuum Capacity: Up to 25.5” HgV
Pressure Capacity: Up 21.8 psig

Republic Oil-Lubricated Rotary Pumps

Considered the workhorse for many industries, Republic Oil-Lubricated Rotary Pumps are rugged and long-lasting. They are perfect for deep vacuum needs, with a maximum vacuum of 0.5 Torr.

General Specifications:
Air Flow: From 11 cfm up to 445 cfm
Vacuum Capacity: Up to 29.9” HgV

Republic Rotary Claw Pumps

Republic Rotary Claw Pumps are precision engineered and timed to provide contact-less vacuum, requiring less power consumption and minimal service and maintenance.

General Specifications:
Air Flow: From 79 cfm up to 203 cfm
Vacuum Capacity: Up to 28.0” HgV

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