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New Product Offering – Stancor Traction Minder

Stancor has recently introduced a new product named Traction Minder. This is a complete system for elevators where code dictates all liquids are pumped from the pit in compliance with ASME 17.1. The primary application is traction (electric) elevators that contain only trace amounts of oil and, therefore, haven’t required an Oil Minder-like solution. It is also applicable to Massachusetts per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters December advisory regarding elevator sumps which dictates that all liquids in the elevator sump are sent through an oil/water separator compliant with 248 CMR 10.09.

Each system includes a pump, control and three floats. Now, a complete solution can be ordered with a single part number. Similar to Oil Minder, the system is assembled (including pre-attached floats) at the factory to increase reliability and save assembly time in the field.

The attached PDF provides an overview of the Traction Minder, including:

  • A definition of the components included within Traction Minder
  • The value proposition for Traction Minder
  • Part numbers within the program.

It has never been easier to specify and install a system for traction elevators. And, similar to Oil Minder, the system is designed to be modular – providing a platform to add features to meet the application’s needs. Additional dry contacts, or BACnet, can be easily added to provide connectivity to a BAS/BMS system. A vertical float, junction box or disconnects can also be added.