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OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping System

Gustavo Preston  proudly represents OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping System

Industrial Flow Solutions, parent company of Stancor, has acquired a revolutionary European technology designed to remove the danger and maintenance requirements associated with wet wells.  OverWatch™ direct in-line pumping system puts an end to the odors and gases that accompany a wet well, eliminates ragging from the accumulation of wet wipes and requires a much smaller footprint to address the most extreme pumping demands in minimal space.

The patented system lifts effluent directly at the point of entry.  From there, OverWatch™ utilizes a sensor at the inlet and variable speed drives to adjust operation to meet the exact needs of incoming flow.  Hydraulic surges and excessive accumulation of contaminants that can clog pumps are eliminated.  The system automatically adapts to constantly changing flow rates – enabling materials to move through the system without causing blockages … while reducing electricity costs and improving operational efficiencies.

The duplex pumping system is designed to be dynamic.  The variable speed drives, included within a programmable control panel, provide newfound flexibility to meet an application’s specific demands.  Additionally, a variety of impeller options are available to further customize the system.  The most unique of those choices is the DipCut™ impeller that turns the system into a shredder when a clog is detected – enabling an individual pump to reverse itself and expose razor sharp teeth on the impeller to shred rags, wipes and other impediments that may have caused the clog.



OverWatch™ is now solving problems across the world – with over 2,000 installations (and nearing 100 in the US).  Strong Returns On Investment (ROI) are being generated by eliminating construction costs on new installations and retrofits to pumps in wet wells that are creating excessive odors, maintenance costs and downtime.

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