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AHEPA 39 Apartments – Fire Pump Repair

AHEPA 39 Apartments

Haverhill, MA

Fire Pump Repair



During a routine test of the fire pump, the property manager at AHEPA 39 Apartments, Irene Rhodes, learned that the main fire pump controller and fire pump motor had operating issues.  

AHEPA 39 Apartments is an affordable housing apartment complex for seniors. AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) initiated its efforts in the development of the Section 202 multifamily housing for low-income elderly in the 1980’s.   AHEPA is committed to creating communities where residents can thrive, and families feel a sense of comfort. The comfort, care and safety of their residents is always top of mind.

Phil Murray, one of GPC’s Sales representatives, was called to visit the site and determine the extent of the repairs needed. The inspection of the system revealed that the main fire pump controller, an older piece of equipment, and the fire pump motor were no longer deemed safe to operate. Fire pump systems are required to be flow tested once a year and run on a periodic scheduled basis throughout the year to ensure that they work properly. 

Great experience from working with our sales representative Phil Murry to the installers/technicians and the office staff.  Professional, knowledgeable ,courteous, pleasant and quality work.  As far as a company to do business with, Gustavo Preston Company is one of the best we have ever dealt with.  Highly recommend! Go no further!

Irene Rhodes
Property Manager
AHEPA 39 Apartments


 After GPC’s initial inspection, a plan was put in place to replace the main fire pump controller, the fire pump motor, and jockey pump controller as well. Also, a full internal inspection of the fire pump itself was done. The fire pump packing, packing glands, packing gland bolts, shaft sleeves, bearings and coupling were all replaced at that time. A laser alignment was done on the pump/motor unit as well to ensure proper smooth operation. To complete the service, a flow test was done by the GPC service technicians to ensure adequate flow and pressure were of the pump were met. The fire pump passed the flow test and the pump, and all associated equipment were returned to full normal operation.

When completed, the AHEPA 39 Apartments had two new fire pump controllers, Main and Jockey, a new fire pump motor and an repaired fire pump that if all goes well, will only ever need to be used for testing purposes alone.

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