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Water ReUSE Systems

Water ReUSE System

Water conservation and safety are at the forefront of today’s commercial building design challenges. New regulations and socially-conscious building owners and managers drive the need for innovative designs throughout all aspects of building water management.  

 As with all new technologies and products, an acceptable return on investment and cost of operation are crucial considerations when weighing the inclusions of these new systems into buildings.  

One of the most crucial design considerations is how to clean the collected water to make it consistently safe to use. Our Water ReUSE system provides a complete solution for your water conservation and safety needs.

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Gustavo Preston offers a complete Water ReUSE System that collects, holds, filters, pumps and distributes the reclaimed water.


Control Valves



Filtration Equipment

Ancillary Equipment

Integrated Controls

Gustavo Preston’s design utilizes a unique filter media technology, Force Field™ technology, that eliminates electricity, doesn’t limit flowrate, and affords the use of low horsepower pumps while delivering water through the filter system.  This unique filter media consists of a natural element that provides a 4 and 6 log reduction of bacteria, viruses and cysts as well as a 99% removal of heavy metals like lead and chromium VI.


The technology in our complete  Water ReUSE System is based on the media’s ability to use its natural positively charged element media to attract and capture the naturally negatively charged harmful contaminants. Hundreds of layers of the media are created within the filter element, allowing for thousands of catch points in the travel path of water through the filter. The attraction strength is great enough to allow large opening, consequently allowing high flows and low-pressure loss.  

Water ReUSE systems produce non-potable water such as irrigation, toilet flushing, and cooling tower makeup to conserve and avoid costly consumption of municipal water. An estimated 50% of building water usage is non-potable in nature, thereby helping to reduce the stress of municipal plant water delivery systems and operations.  

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Key competitive advantages of this technology allows for our total system design to provide:

  1. Higher flowrate with lower horsepower pumps
  2. Elimination of power for the water cleaning component equipment
  3. Lower and easier maintenance of the water cleaning equipment due to no moving parts, no     specially trained service providers needed to replace or repair expensive parts and no special handling of chemicals.  
Schematics below demonstrate a few layouts for Water ReUSE systems:

Underground Collection Tank Options

Above Ground Collection Tank Options

System A arranged with:

  • Underground Collection Tank
  • In-tank submersible booster pumps
  • Above ground treatment skid


System B arranged with:

  • Underground Collection Tank
  • Day tank
  • Above ground water booster system

System C arranged with above ground:

  • Collection Tank
  • Water booster system
  • Treatment skid

System D arranged with above ground:

  • Collection tank
  • Water Booster system
  • Remote Treatment skid


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