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Water Purification Systems

Gustavo Preston partners with Triple Clear Water Systems to provide our customers with state-of-the-art commercial water filtration systems using Force Field™ Technology. Triple Clear Water systems use this Force Field™ electro-adsorption technology to remove a wide range of submicron particles, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals, cellular debris, and heavy metals. 

 This industrial water purification system works by utilizing the negatively charged quality of most contaminants. A naturally-occurring positive charge field on the filters essentially puts a ‘force field’ over the pores that will attract and capture negatively charged contaminants in the water.

What is Force Field Technology?

The development of this electro-adsorption technology started nearly 10 years ago. At that time, fundamental research was partially funded by an SBIR grant from NASA for the development of water filters to be used on space exploration vehicles. As work progressed, many intriguing aspects of the media were identified. 

This technology is changing the world of filtration because it is not just a mechanical filter media. More importantly, it removes submicron contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange.

This powerful combination of mechanical filtration and electro-adsorption all in one filter creates a new category of industrial water purification systems with countless powerful applications.  

ForceField™ Filters

ForceField™ Filters provide water quality on par only with Reverse Osmosis at a fraction of the cost.

Independent laboratory tests have proved their ability to provide 4 and 6 log reduction of bacteria, viruses, and cysts! 

These commercial water purification systems can also remove more than 99% of heavy metals like lead and chromium VI. Force Field Filters are the ultimate choice for providing safe water. 

ForceField™ Filter has many applications for ensuring your water is safe. 

Gustavo Preston offers point of use, point of entry, Water ReUSE  Systems, and Rainwater Harvesting/Grey water systems. 

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