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Office Building in Downtown Boston

Office Building in Downtown Boston

Domestic Water Booster System Replacement

Challenging set up for domestic water booster replacement

The old domestic water booster system that was installed in 1989 was coming to its end of life. The old water booster had three 40 HP motors and pressure reducing valves that set and maintained the water pressure in the building.

Gustavo Preston had serviced and supplied parts for the old water booster system for many years and it was becoming apparent that the 33-year-old system was in need of being replaced. The new water booster system had three 30 HP motors with variable frequency drives which proved to be much more energy efficient.

The challenge in replacing the water booster was the accessibility. To get the old system out and the new system in, one needed to pass through a 19-inch-wide slot. Both systems had to be taken apart to fit through the 19 inch space. With much painstaking effort and great planning, the new system was installed successfully onto the pump pad.

The $40,000 rebate received by the customer from their utility company helped to offset the cost of the new booster pump system.

Kudos to the team at Gustavo Preston for another successful project.
Narrow 19 inch pass through

Old domestic water booster pump to be replaced

New SyncroFlo domestic water booster system

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