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Yale University Water Booster System Replacement

Yale University
Boyer Center

Water Booster System Replacement

     Yale University determined that the water booster system in the Boyer Center, a Yale research laboratory, was costing more and more money to maintain. The Boyer Center was constructed in 1991 to support the schools molecular medicine research.  The use of water in this building to maintain the medical research is vital. When the domestic water booster system was designed in 1991 it was state of the art. However, thirty years later this domestic water booster has been surpassed by technological advancements and efficiencies.

     Yale University is a prestigious university located in New Haven, CT and founded in 1701, and has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.  The Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine helps bring together both basic and clinical scientists in areas such as molecular genetics, molecular oncology and development and molecular neurobiology.


     Yale University has worked with Gustavo Preston on the replacement and repair of other equipment on the Yale University property. So when Mark Perez needed to replace the antiquated domestic water booster system he reached out to Ed Nickerson, a seasoned sales representative at Gustavo Preston. Mark and Ed worked together to discuss options on improving the water booster system with not only a new pump but controls that would provide digital real time performance data.

     Gustavo Preston replaced the water booster system with a Wilo vertical multistage pump and control package. The new system uses a fraction of the energy that the older pump used and can provide information on real time power consumption and water flows.

     Another successful project for Yale University and Gustavo Preston Company.

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