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Hubbell Tepid Water Delivery System

Learn more about this Hubbell Tepid Water delivery system and the many benefits it has to other systems.

Hubbell Tepid Water Delivery 

Life safety equipment must be ready to perform at a moments notice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Failure can mean serious injury or death. Emergency wash stations are designed to prevent serious injury in the event of exposure to an aggressive fluid, such as acids or alkalis. Tepid water is used to flush the person to reduce or prevent injury from the exposure (Figure 1).

Not all tepid water systems for emergency fixtures are alike and it is important to know the difference. Gustavo Preston is proud to represent Hubbell’s Tepid Water Delivery System Model EMV.

Figure 1 – Tepid Water Delivery System

Hubbell’s EMV tank is lined with a Hydrastone lining, polyurethane foam insulation with a PVC outer jacket
⦁ Hydrastone lining allows for much higher water temperatures (170°F) within the tank.
⦁ The EMV blending valve can handle the large differential in inlet temperatures to the valve between hot and cold water. The valve reacts more quickly and accurately then standard thermostatic and/or pressure balancing mixing valves.
⦁ Blending valve is factory preinstalled on EMV system


⦁ More durable and energy efficient tank than most conventional water storage tanks.
⦁ Foam insulation reduces heat loss by 24%.
⦁ Higher water temperatures help to inhibit bacteria growth and allows a 119-gallon heater to provide the ANSI requirement of water to the emergency station.
⦁ Standard mixing valves using thermostatic or pressure balancing mixing valves are either twice the cost or are not as accurate.
⦁ No need to purchase additional components as EMV comes as a complete, ready to install package.

To Sum It Up
The Hubbell EMV water heater system provides high volume tepid water for safety drench systems by integrating a specially designed mixing valve with a high-quality cement lined electric storage water heater. The EMV model is designed to maintain 119 gallons of water at 170°F. The volume of water at this temperature is necessary to achieve the final flow rate of 23 GPM for 15 minutes of tepid water. When an emergency drench apparatus is used, the integrated mixing valve blends 170°F water from the tank with incoming cold water to achieve a continuous flow of approximately 85° tepid water to operate simultaneously a safety shower and an eye/face wash fixture.