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Laser Alignment Services

Laser Alignment Services

Machinery misalignment is extremely common in rotating machinery and is typically the root cause of machine failure. Misalignment of shaft centerlines can give rise to shaft wobbling and significant vibration which can lead to seal damage and bearing and coupling destruction.  Identifying misalignment and the underlying causes is imperative if a machine is to reach its life expectancy.

Gustavo Preston Company is dedicated to providing the best laser alignment service in New England. Our service technicians have 20 years of experience working with laser alignment equipment and are factory trained and certified.
Gustavo Preston has made a significant investment in laser
alignment equipment to ensure that our technicians are
using the best equipment for our customers. 

Benefits of a consistent laser alignment include:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  •  Increase in efficiency of motor
  • Increase the life of the motor

How to determine the need for alignment:

  • Excessive vibration
  • Overheating or hot spots
  • Excessively loud machinery
Gustavo Preston service technician performs a laser alignment.

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