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Tech Talk – Basin Covers

Basin Cover Types 

Sewage ejector pits are generally designed with a cover or hatch which is intended to prevent odor from escaping as well as provide a level of support for any traffic which may occur. Generally covers will offer flanged sealing around any piping penetrations to prevent odors from escaping.

Round covers are typically mounted on fiberglass basins and are rated for 300 lb. maximum pedestrian traffic. These covers can be offered in standard or flush option. Flush surface covers are more desirable in the event of significant pedestrian traffic because protrusions such as hinges or flanges are removed from the cover to alleviate a tripping hazard.

Square covers are typically mounted within a curb frame which is poured into the walls of a concrete pit. These covers, although supported by the walls of a concrete pit are limited to 300 lb. maximum pedestrian traffic.

Covers are offered in steel, epoxy coated steel to provide additional corrosion protection, and aluminum. Generally it is desirable to specify flood tight and gastight sealants be used with the cover during installation to prevent gases or liquids from escaping in the event of flooding.

Submersible pumps offer quick release systems which require an access door mounted on the cover. The door must be gastight to avoid the escape of odors to the surrounding area.

Figure 1 – Round Cover with Wiring Plate and
Discharge and Vent Flanges
Figure 2 – Cover with Access Door

H-20 Heavy Duty Hatches 

While standard covers are generally pedestrian rated, heavy duty “H-20 rated hatches” are available for service in garage or loading dock pits when slow speed traffic on the hatch is present. Hatches are poured into the walls of concrete pits to provide the necessary support for vehicle traffic.

Hatches are offered in galvanized steel and aluminum. Hatches are capable of supporting an AASHTO H20-44 wheel load under “occasional traffic” conditions typically experienced in garages or loading dock areas.

Figure 3 – Heavy Duty H-20 Rated Hatch