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Cooling Tower Repair at Luxury Hotel

During a service visit to a luxury hotel chain, the hotel facility manager mentioned to our Gustavo Preston service technician that he had to shut down one of the hotel’s cooling towers. The vibration and noise coming from the tower was disrupting the hotel guests. Although the other cooling tower was still working, the outside temperature was predicted to rise higher every day. The GPC service tech suggested calling Delta Electric Motor, GPC’s motor shop division, because they provide service to cooling towers.

The Motor Shop manager was onsite within the hour to assess the cooling tower. The tower was very old and corroded and the fan was in rough shape. The whole fan assembly: fan, shaft, and bearings were corroded and falling apart. Unfortunately, there was a long lead time on some of the replacement parts. The motor shop techs removed the fan from the cooling tower. The fan was brought back to the repair shop in Haverhill, MA where the team was able to refurbish the fan, install a new shaft and replace the bearings. Delta delivered the fan to the site, working together with a large crane to hoist the fan to the rooftop. Delta reinstalled the completely refurbished fan assembly. This allowed the customer to be up and running until a replacement cooling tower system can be installed.

With most cooling tower systems there is a list of “Recommended spare parts”. This list is vitally important for building owners who can’t afford to have any down time due to a broken cooling tower. Make sure you have these parts on hand as this could mean the difference between a 48 hour repair or a 2 week repair.


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