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Town of Franklin – Wastewater Lift Station Improvements

Embracing new technology
Wastewater Lift Station Improvements

New wastewater installation for the Town of Franklin

The Town of Franklin is a long-time customer of Gustavo Preston Company, calling upon them when pump repairs or pump replacements are necessary. The Town of Franklin has a sewer lift station that contains a pneumatic ejector pump system which pumps sewage from a low lying area into the Town’s gravity sewer system. When one of the ejector pots failed on the pneumatic ejector system, they called upon Ed Nickerson, Gustavo Preston’s service sales representative to design a suitable replacement.  

The 40+ year old system was running on a very old technology. For this ejector system to run it relied on two ejector pots, two air compressors, two air receivers and two separate controls. In addition, the maintenance on the pneumatic system consisted of scheduled replacement of drive belts and oil changes for the air compressor. The replacement ejector pot parts for this old system were either non-existent or too expensive due to their scarcity. Therefore, it was determined that is would not be cost effective to fix this ejector system.

Franklin pneumatic ejector system
Air compressors

Ed suggested replacing the pneumatic ejector system with an OverWatch® Direct In-line pump system. The OverWatch system is a proven technology that will reduce maintenance costs and with constant monitoring and smart operation eliminates blockages and backups. In addition, variable frequency drive technology replaces the pneumatic controls which is more efficient.

The OverWatch Direct In-line pump system is also cleaner and has a smaller footprint than the older system. The benefits of replacing the old pneumatic system with the OverWatch Direct In-line Pump system not only saves on parts, maintenance, and cost, it also allows the Town of Franklin system operators to focus on other projects.

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