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Vertical Turbine Pumps for Water Treatment Plant


Vertical Turbine Pumps for Water Treatment Plant

Gustavo Preston Company was recently called to a service a new customer who had two vertical turbine pumps that desperately needed attention. The customer is a water treatment plant and these pumps are finished water pumps.

The pumps are large vertical turbine pumps with 150 HP motors. In order to repair the pumps and motors it was necessary to contract a rigger that could pull each pump and motor from the building and crane the pumps onto a truck. 

One of the pump motors had stopped working due to a bearing issue. Delta Electric Motor, Gustavo Preston’s motor shop,  provides quality motor repair services and was happy to provide a full inspection of both motors and replacement of the bearings. In addition, they dipped and baked the stator, checked tolerances and mechanical fits before sending
the motor back to the customer.

The second of the two pumps had a badly leaking mechanical seal due to a pump bearing issue which was causing radial runout on the pump shaft. Due to a prompt delivery date on a new pump, the customer decided to invest in a new pump instead of a repair.

The decision was made to install the new pump and when the old pump was removed, to have the old pump evaluated for future repair so the customer could have a spare pump when necessary. 

Both pump/motor units were reinstalled, tested, and are performing to specification. The customer now has all finished water pumps back online and available for full service to the community.

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